Buy New Hampshire Chicken for sale


Buy New Hampshire Chicken for sale

Hampshires Red Chickens produce large brown eggs and prefer to free range – Order Day-Old Red Baby Chicks Online


Buy New Hampshire Chicken

The New Hampshire is an American Heritage chicken breed, named for the state where it originated. Developed by selecting the Rhode Island Red for rapid growth, fast-feathering, early maturity, and vigor, today the New Hampshire is its own breed. The chicken is a medium chestnut red color — lighter than a Rhode Islands — with a single comb and yellow legs. These are hardy birds but, as with all single comb birds, care should be given to protect their combs in extreme cold temperatures.

New Hampshire rooster for sale

The Chicken was admitted to the Standard of Perfection by the American Poultry Association (APA) in 1935.

Known for their deep, broad bodies, New Hampshires are often raised as a dual-purpose breed — as a medium-sized meat bird and layers of brown eggs.

Hens are fair layers and moderately broody. They are good mothers to their young chicks, making them a good choice for those wanting a sustainable, Heritage flock.

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